Welcome to Harbour Images – my photographic view of the world

Welcome to Harbour Images.com. This web site will primarily contain samples of my photography.  I’ve been taking and developing pictures for over 60 years, and during that time have seen a lot of changes in the photographic industry.  My first film was Kodachrome, a slide film with a whopping ASA index of 10.  To view the products of my early photographic efforts I had to set up a screen and projector, and listen to friends and relatives sometimes snoring their way through my visual presentations.

When the days of Cibachrome arrived I was able to make actual color prints in my B&W darkroom, some of which still look good today, some 30 years later.  Some of my large Black & White photos are still displayed on the walls of one of my son’s home.

And then came Digital Photography.  “Who would ever want to look at photographs on a COMPUTER?  What a crazy idea!” was my first reaction.  How wrong I was, huh?  Obviously these days most of our view of photographs seems to be on some sort of digital device, whether a computer or a cell phone, tablet, or yes, even via a computer through a projector to a screen.  Back to those again.  I guess some things really do never change!

So… let’s get started with a few of my photos to give you some idea of my interests and talent (or lack thereof).  I hope you enjoy viewing my photographic work, and yes, I am available for hire should the need arise.  You can contact me via any of the following:

Harbour Images – Bob Dumon – 2154 Royal Pines Drive – New Bern, NC 28560
email: radumon@gmail.com – Cell phone: (252) 349-7931 – Home phone: (252) 633-7930

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